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The Scoop

Summer Skincare Tips

Before you hit the water or work on that tan, check out our quick and easy summer skin checklist.
Summer Skincare Tips

The Scoop

Summer Skincare Tips

Before you hit the water or work on that tan, check out our quick and easy summer skin checklist.

by Kate Grant

2 months ago

Summer Skincare Tips

As temps warm up and we start to venture back outdoors, it’s a good time to think about ways we can protect our skin. Not only does too much sun exposure cause premature signs of aging like sunspots, dark spots, and wrinkles, it also increases our risk of skin cancer.

Before you hit the water or work on that tan, check out our quick and easy summer skin checklist.

1. Do A Skin Health Check

Do a full visual check in the mirror to see if you have any new moles, freckles, or spots that need to be looked at by a dermatologist. It’s good practice to do this at least once a year to help catch changes early.

2. Always Apply Sunscreen

Be sure to apply sunscreen every day before you leave the house and reapply as directed for prolonged sun exposure (be sure to follow suggested usage instructions on your sunscreen). We find that it helps to carry a travel size sunscreen for easy reapplication on-the-go. One of our favorite brands for a good lightweight mineral sunscreen is Supergoop. They offer a wide range of everyday and sport SPF formulas.

 *Another option we love for those boat and beach days is an SPF swimsuit. Amazon has a variety of cute long sleeve swimsuits with built-in SPF.

3. Use Antioxidants

Antioxidants like Vitamin C help to protect skin cells from free radicals caused by UV exposure. Vitamin C is also a major player when it comes to diminishing sunspots or dark spots.

Our skin soothing Lightspeed Hydra Glow C Serum is the perfect pre-sun boost of antioxidant protection, and after sun recovery treatment. Packed with BV-OSC Vitamin C and Squalane, this soothing antioxidant face oil will help fight free radicals during the day, and replenish moisture levels and diminish sunspots after a day of fun in the sun.  

*If you are applying Lightspeed (or any face oil) in the morning, be sure to apply it 10 minutes prior to your mineral sunscreen.

4. Get Some Aloe Vera Gel

Yes, sometimes mom knows best. Good old tried and true aloe vera gel is a must have for summer. The cooling gel will help soothe sunburned skin when you inevitably forget to reapply the sunscreen.

5. Exfoliate

If you happen to see a few sunspots after a weekend getaway, reach for a chemical and/or physical exfoliation treatment to help speed up cell turnover and reveal brighter, healthier skin. Check out our Flash Forward Thermal Enzymatic Exfoliation Treatment for the perfect combination of chemical and physical exfoliation. *Be sure you do not exfoliate sun burned or overly exposed skin until it has calmed down.

 Most of all, have fun, stay safe, keep hydrated, and protect your skin!


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